Silk pillowcases anti-wrinkle and prevent bedhead
Functional and beautiful silk pillowcases treat aging skin and tangled hair
natural white silk pillowcase edged in grey lace and ribbon
Silk pillowcases make a unique and luxurious gift
Grey lace and ribbon embellish the lustrous silk pillowcase

The Abigail

Regular price £32.00

The Abigail pillowcase is both functional and beautiful, designed with mums' precious sleep in mind.

Silk will encourage moisture retention in hair and skin; discourage sleep creases and ageing of facial skin; and smooth hair, reducing bedhead.

It is the ultimate in everyday luxury, and a necessity for sleep-deprived mums.

The Abigail pillowcase is a thoughtful, indulgent and different gift or a thorough spoil for yourself!

The Abigail is currently available to fit a standard pillow size (75cm x 50cm).