About Dream in Silk

Abigail was born with a full head of hair, silk-like and beautiful.

But, by 3 months she was waking up with a horrible matted bird's nest at the back of her head. Eventually I was cutting the knots out as nothing else worked to get rid of the tangles.

Then I read that silk could be the answer, so I tried resting her head on her satin comforter. The difference was immediate and amazing. A night on satin meant brushable hair, but a night on cotton resulted in knots and portions of her hair having to be cut out. I started making silk satin bands and sheets for her, experimenting with different ideas. Silk sheets became her standard bedding. 

At 2 1/2 years old she now has long hair down to her waist, that is healthy and beautifully curly. She sleeps on silk sheets every night and we travel with them everywhere.   

During my research I discovered that not only does silk do wonders for hair but it also has an amazing list of benefits for skin and allergies too. I found it incredible that silk bedding wasn’t a more popular option for babies.

Hearing similar stories to my own from other mums, I realised there was a market for this beautiful yet highly functional bedding. Once I began sending samples out for mums to try, the feedback was fantastic - superb results for skin and hair conditions, which proved the benefits of silk. Read more here. 

The idea for Dream in Silk was born.

My vision is to make silk bedding an everyday luxury for babies, children and mums. A solution to smooth and soothe skin and hair, with an incredibly pure and simple fabric.

Since leaving the corporate world to spend more time with my young children, I have dreamed of starting a business that will allow me to combine my role as a mum with a business venture that satisfies my love for simple beauty.

I hope you’ll benefit as much from Dream in Silk’s products as I have from developing and using them.