Caring for silk

Silk does require gentle care, but it is an exceptionally strong fabric for its weight. In fact, its strength-to-weight ratio made it the primary fabric used in parachutes before the invention of nylon. Silk used in delicate lingerie or clothes is often very lightweight (between 6 and 10MM) but Dream in Silk pillowcases and sheets are made with a heavier weight silk (22MM and 19MM respectively).

Pillowcases and sheets can be machine washed at 30, on a delicates cycle.

Silk blankets are dry clean only.

To maintain the beauty and smoothness of your silk:

  • Be gentle, silk is a protein much like human hair.
  • Handle carefully when wet. Don’t soak, wring or rub, this will damage the smooth fibres.
  • Don’t bleach.
  • Don’t expose silk to direct sunlight or heat (e.g. radiator or tumble dryer). Silk dries extremely fast so you wont need either.
  • Iron on reverse while damp with cool iron. Don't spray silk with water while ironing. Un-ironed silk will still deliver all its benefits.