Silk soothes Contact Dermatitis

Baby J is one of our first trialists. He was suffering with Contact Dermatitis* (Contact Eczema). The effect silk sheets have had on his beautiful face is fantastic. The results were so quick and so positive!
“The skin on my toddler’s face is 100% better. Truly incredible” (Siobhan – Wimbledon)
Here are some photos and quotes from his Mum. She has continued to use silk sheets and pillowcases for Baby J. When his new baby brother arrived, we kitted him out with silk cot sheets too, which both boys now sleep on every night.



“So, last night I went back to his normal cotton sheet and his face was awful this morning. I had used your amazing silk sheet for two nights ...Is there any way I can wait for the flat sheet to come before posting your fitted sheet back? We've been given a taste of the good stuff and I hate seeing his face so inflamed.” 
Contact Dermatitis clearing after just 1 night on silk sheets
 “(Silk is) Much smoother on the skin. No chaffing at all. My toddler loves stroking the sheet at night or when he's waking. It seems to calm him and is his 'comforter' "
“Just thank you, so very much.”
(*Dermatitis or Eczema means an inflammation of the skin. ‘Contact Dermatitis’ is when this inflammation is caused by contact with something in the environment.)