Silk solves matted hair in toddlers

This lovely toddler girl is one of our “hair trialists”. I happened upon her Mum’s plea for help on a Mums group. After sending her a silk pillowcase to try, we were very excited to find the problem solved!

“I’m delighted to report that since using the pillow case we haven't had any further matting problems” (Michelle - Glasgow)         

"Ladies does anyone have any tips for matted hair?! My daughter's hair gets all knotted and matted and it's a nightmare getting it out. We wash and condition every second day and I use a detangling spray too but it still happens."



 Matted hair overnight


After a night on the silk pillowcase, the difference is staggering. Smooth, manageable and beautiful hair.

“The silk pillow case definitely makes a huge difference”